Christopher Thomas is a unique individual with talents in both creative and technical areas. He has studied Network Engineering and computer sciences, art, photography, and writing. His one of a kind passion for creating shows a depth and love for the arts.

Christopher is a graduate student from the Tri-Community Photography School in Covina California and has a total of twenty-five years experience in photography. He offers photography critiques for select individuals that need encouragement, want to improve, and want to grow.

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Christopher is a long time writer and has typed over four million words in the last few years. With three novels completed and currently working on something new, there is hope that something exciting will develop.

You can see his books here, and order online from Lulu in print or ePub formats.

Music is a driving force in his life, with a vast collection of music that spans five decades, he has everything from classical, folk, rock, industrial, punk, goth, and of course Johnny Cash.

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Christopher has experimented with making music of his own, if your curious you can check out a sample of it here. Being an introvert with INTJ personality, Christopher prefers to work alone in his crafts with only a limited amount of interaction to get the project started. Once he gets going nothing keeps him down.

With interests in both poetry and philosophy, he may even have the answer to one of the most important questions in life. If you ask he may tell you the answer. Just be nice and friendly.

You can occasionally find him on Facebook ctopher42. You can see my Job blog here, which describes my pursuit of finding a good job in the real world.

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